about hikaru  
hikaru, also known as hikaru starr, was born and raised in california, but now lives in tokyo. his major in college was originally computer science, but he soon realized that he'd rather create art, specifically photography (his first photo class was in high school).

'hikaru' and 'hikaru starr' are pseudonyms that he has been using for various reasons. if you'd like to know more, please ask.
(clever people may be able to find his real name somewhere on this site).

he is inspired by many things in life: books. friends. music. flowers. trash. strangers. animals. patterns. discoveries. booze. hikaru likes noticing something that he has never noticed before, even though he's seen it hundreds of times. he loves all kinds of art and intellectual stimulation. he likes discussing human psychology and debating philosophy. he likes to read about science and dream about the future. he doesn't use capital letters, for utilitarian and aesthetic reasons.

he is influenced by, inspired by, or simply admires many conemporary photographers, including: ninagawa mika, moriyama daido, david lachapelle, araki nobuyoshi, yasumasa yonehara, hayashi natsumi, fujimoto emi, and many other professional and non-pro artists, as well as many of his personal friends, including alfie goodrich [another link], jeff laitila, jerome howse, and of course his partner in photography, josef diermair (and many others).

his most influential college photo teachers were suda house and donna cosentino.

if you have any interest in hikaru's work, or in him personally, he loves meeting new people! please drop him a line any time.

thanks to everyone for visiting this site.

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